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Gset is the leading Megaphone supplier in Dubai, UAE. We offer high quality products which are made for long term use. Our company has become the Dealers & Suppliers of Hardware’s, Building Materials, Sanitary Equipment, Welding Equipment & Materials, Plumbing & Electrical Equipment as well as other industrial products. 

We are always committed to bring high quality safety products and equipment for diversified applications. You can check out our website and learn more about the products we are offering for our clients. For orders, send your quotation to our email and we will respond instantly.

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How does a Megaphone work?​

The cone shape of the Megaphone helps in amplifying the sound you make towards your intended target.  It also prevents the sound from scattering to other direction and helps to increase the overall volume output.

Amplified megaphones have a microphone at the mouth end that converts sound waves into electrical signals. These electrical signals are then amplified into much higher power with the help of electronic circuits. Powerful electrical signals are then fed into a speaker, which changes it back into sound waves. Then a horn on the speaker matches the impedance to the air’s free space and makes it directional so most of the sound goes out the front.


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